jueves, 18 de abril de 2019

Investment proposal

I have a very important transaction i would like to carry out with you. do write me back on: joharry876@gmail.com for more details.
Johnson Harry.

lunes, 18 de marzo de 2019


Good Day, akkasllaartesanias.hotmail@blogger.com

It is my humble pleasure in bringing to your doorstep, the very best of loan financing investment options.

We understand the challenges of getting approved for a loan with a less than stellar credit score and history. This is why we have specialized for many years in serving and processing the approval of loans for individuals who don't have such credit scores. We offer business loans, housing loans, and so many others as well as cover all your loan needs with an exciting interest rates and effortless payment plans.

We are working towards expanding our international portfolio globally and funding projects in form of debt financing from $1 Million and above.

This Funding program allows a client to enjoy low interest payback for as low as 3 - 4% per annum for a period of 8-7 years. We can also approve personal and business loans from the tune of $100,000.00 USD to $5,000,000,000.00 USD depending on the nature of business. We currently provide funding for:

* Start-Up Franchise
* Business Acquisition
* Business Expansion
* Commercial Real Estate purchase
* Contract Execution

Our goal is to be able to help everyone as much as possible, regardless of what your credit report has to say. We didn't establish our company to discriminate.

We would be happy to receive your Executive Summary/Project Plan as well as accepting an NDA. It is our firm resolve to diligently participate in any viable project of your choice with a view of financing and providing soft loans for such.

E-mail your projects summary to us at: hama012@savensagroup.com

Best Regards,
Hamza Alghizzawi.

viernes, 15 de marzo de 2019

A Mother's Day Gift that Gives!

BroadNet Technologies
Your Reliable Messaging HUB

  •   100% Delivery Rate
  •   Direct Connection
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martes, 5 de marzo de 2019

From Mr. Robert, investment partnership. Please reply

A very good day to you..

This is Mr. Robert Mashala, I work with the South African Government, as the Contract Award Director.. I got your information on (IBD) and I decided to contact you.

Actually there is a certain sum of money I acquired through my position in the Government, and this fund is enough to start up a project, so and am looking for a serious and reliable person in your country who will work with me as partner so that we both invest this money in your country since my Government policy do not allow me as a top Government official to invest in my country on my name.
I want you to understand that this is a serious project, and if you are interested to partner with me, then you should respond immediately so that we can discuss more about this investment and the way forward on the partnership, my plan is to make a trip to meet with you face to face since it is necessary for us to meet for more discussion.

I am waiting for your response


Rob Mashala
Contract & Tender Award Director
(SA Government)
Email: rob.mashala@gmail.com

jueves, 31 de enero de 2019

Re-Kindly get back to me

Greeting, My name is David Metus Moreno ,
I contacted you some time ago and I got no response from you I mentioned about my late client that who deposited the sum of US$13.580 million dollars in one of the bank here in my country Spain and the bank has asked me to provide a next of kin to the deceased for claimant of the said fund. I wish to present you as the next of kin to the bank. Kindly get back to me as soon as possible for more details on how to proceed further.


lunes, 28 de enero de 2019

You have a package on it's way from DHL


Dear Client,

You have a parcel on its way.
This letter was sent at the request of Apple inc to notify you that the package has
been transmitted to our facility. To validate the actual transit status of a parcel, click here to view an invoice.

Thank you for using DHL . We look forward to providing you best service and fast at the best possible rates. Have questions? For your convenience, we offer you a choice in contacting Customer Service:

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viernes, 25 de enero de 2019

Award Grant Notification

Hello Russian Grant Winner,
Your Email Address has Luckily Won Nine Hundred and Forty Six Thousand Great British Pounds Sterling in the Google Award Grants 2019.
Kindly Confirm, Reception of this notification email, so we can send you more details about yourGoogle Award of Nine Hundred and Forty Six Thousand Great British Pounds Sterling and how to claim it.
Cheers & Congratulations.
Diane Greene
Senior Vice President of Google Cloud UK
Fax #: +44 843 524 1558