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If you operate a machine similar to the one in the picture - view more here. 

Do you consider using a machine on the move? the mobile one may be for you. This is one which uses GPRS coverage and will allow you to take card across the United Kingdom and you will not need a regular landline. 

Various people may choose the Bluetooth one to accept cards in different locations of their building and it is a terminal that has a cradle and works to provide a portable connection via phone or internet.

The latter one is often used at cafes or B&Bs who need to allow card from people who are eating at their table.

Lastly it is the Static one and this option is a good one if you wish to receive cards at certain spots in your premises and its usually near the way out.

Maybe you're in a defined location and then the latter is good one, although you'll need to have an Ethernet or phone for this.

Look at more information here

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