sábado, 19 de marzo de 2016

Re: How Are You ?


There is no doubt that my email will arouse your skepticism because the Internet, where genuine business transaction should be taking place has turned into a den of fraudsters. The proliferation of Internet scam is pathetic, and notable among these scam is the "lottery scam" which is wide spread. The victims are mostly ignorant of the fact that, a lottery prize cannot be won without the purchase of a lottery ticket and participation in the lottery draws.

Though some of such notifications claim that the victim`s email was drawn, while some claim that the victim has been awarded some amount that does not even exist. The fact is that, a real lottery company does not demand any fee/fees from its winners before prizes are released . These fictitious lottery companies lure the victims into paying some fees all in the name of redeeming a prize that never existed in the first place.

I work for the National Lottery and the reason why I contacted you so that I can present you as the winner of an unclaimed prize, which came up in my company. I will provide you with the winning information and winning lottery ticket to enable you claim the prize as the winner. I am very optimistic that this opportunity will be of our mutual benefit. However, due to the wide spread fraudulent activities that has enveloped the internet, especially the ones that has been perpetuated with my company`s name, I am worried if you would give me the needed attention, cooperation and trust that will avail us this opportunity.

I shall appreciate if you give me the benefit of doubt and cooperate with me so that we can benefit from this rare opportunity

I shall furnish you with details of this opportunity when you signify your interest to cooperate with me.

Thank you for your time and God bless.
Mark Harris.

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